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It’s about creating meaningful opportunities for engagement with your stakeholders.

Many digital firms only understand the tools and tactics used. But understanding strategy by leveraging public relations, marketing and storytelling expertise, coupled with targeted digital tools and tactics, results in truly integrated, effective marketing campaigns. That's why marquee brands and start-ups alike choose us.




Giant Step Digital is the joint venture of San Francisco's LCI and Boston's The Castle Group.  Our headquarters are in innovation hotbeds and we've spent decades launching, running alongside and partnering with some of the best brands in the country. 

As the communications world continues its daily evolution, we've built a stand-alone digital offering that combines the best of our firms. Plus, we've amplified our offering with talent in the digital landscape we've engaged nationwide – and globally.



We take your brand a GIANT STEP forward to a heightened level of awareness. How? We establish your goals... what does success look like to you? We identify a strategic approach then craft and tell stories that talk to your audiences where they look for information.